Our Management

Dr. Trimbak Dapkekar

Being a doctor I know the importance of education and healthy body. In my life I have done very hard work and conscious efforts to get education. Just because of education and my knowledge, I achieved successful and happy life. To enjoy this happy life we need healthy body. Through Bellwether Panacea International we tried to give both quality education with healthy body to our students so that our students will play important role in our society and make our country proud in the world.

Dr. Sushma Dapkekar

Leaders Don't create followers,
They create more leaders

Dear Parents & Students.
We dream to make a school which gives complete life education to our students. We think education is a complete process that leads to attainment of full potential of the students. We try to equip our students with life skills so that they face the real world with absolute confidence.We try to develop our students with love, care & right guidance so that students will have good learning, planning, organizing, decision making, team building and communication skills. Bellwether Panacea is providing students healthy food, peaceful ambience, utmost safety and above all a wonderful set of teachers and staff. Now with Bellwether we will be giving excellent curriculum and resources for staffs and students and training for staffs on regular basis.

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