Bellwether Curriculum

Our ASTERIA Bellwether Curriculum consists of the “roadmap” or “guideline” of any given discipline as stipulated by the NCF. Both the philosophy of teaching of the instructors as well as of the educational institution serve as two of the principles upon which our curriculum is based.

The curriculum is the combination of instructional practices, learning experiences, and students’ performance assessment that are designed to bring out and evaluate the target learning outcomes

Our written taught and assessed curriculum enables children to acquire learning outcomes that enable them to  be happy and successful and also equip them with life skills to adapt and lead life in the ever changing world.

The curriculum adapts to the national board expectations and international board expectations.

To succeed in the 21st century a person must possess a wide range of abilities and competencies, in essence many ‘literacies’. These ‘literacies’ range from being able to read a newspaper to understanding information provided by a health care provider. Bellwether International School offers multiple and dynamic learning programmes along with the core syllabus of a board (IGCSE, CBSE or ICSE).

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