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 Bellwether International School–  a Mumbai based brand, promoted by one of the founding families of an education stationery company with over 80+ years of legacy, and the Goenka Group who are the co- founders of a premium international school and college in Mumbai.

Panacea Bellwether International

Bellwether Panacea  International is the first residential school as an endeavor of Prachet education trust promoted by Dr. Trimbak Dapkekar and his family.

Admissions  for Grade 1 to Grade 11 now open!


We are known for

Unique patented pedagogy “Asteria” that nurtures the Intellectual quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ).


Unique Bellwether literacy program which focuses on the development of life-skills right from the early years.


Our Bridge programs provided to help children from diverse backgrounds to achieve a smooth transition.


Teachers are hired from different parts of the country and are adequately trained & monitored by experts from Mumbai.


Emphasis on sports and performing arts alongside studies to help achieve all-round development


Pastoral Care, Individual attention, Nutritious Food and Hygiene and Safety

Panacea Bellwether International is Now Opening Admissions!

Panacea Bellwether International is an endeavor of Prachet education trust promoted by Dr. Trimbak Dapkekar and his family. He is a reputed orthopaedic surgeon and has been running 3 famous multi-specialty hospitals in Nanded and Pune. Panacea Bellwether International School is a dream that emerged out of his passion towards quality education. Dr. Dapkekar firmly believes a healthy mind and body can make any student successful and he wishes to help students fulfill their dreams and become leaders of tomorrow through Panacea Bellwether International School.

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